Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training & Tours

bar mitzvah boy photoAs a rabbi and director of Bar/Bat Mitzvah training programs in Hebrew schools in Japan, Belgium and diverse communities in Israel, Henri has long and extensive experience in the field. Henri will train your kids – or adults who have not as yet performed their Bar/Bat Mitzvah – via Skype, as well as plan, organize and facilitate the event for you.

The ceremony is inclusive and geared towards enabling all who attend to actively participate via group readings in English and transliterated or original Hebrew, of texts both modern and old. Preferred sites are the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and the ancient synagogue on Masada – or a Roman/Byzantine period synagogue in the Galilee or the Golan Heights.

Coupled with a guided tour of Israel, led and organized by Henri, your Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience is guaranteed to be especially memorable, and one that will deepen your connection to the land of the Bible and its age-old traditions.

See Rabbi Henri Noach conducting a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony for American Jewish youngsters on Masada, filmed by French TV: