About Henri

Henri will take you on a fabulous guided tour of select sites in Israel:
ancient and modern – Jewish, Christian and Muslim.

Tours tailored to your preferences: Jerusalem, Acco, Qumran, Nazareth, Capernaum, the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological sites of Masada, Megiddo and Hazor, the Sea of Galilee, the mystical city of Safed and the lush desert oasis of Ein Gedi are just some of the beautiful, exciting places for you to discover.

Henri Noach - Tour GuideHenri has a unique background, including a seven-year tenure as the Rabbi of the Jewish community of Japan, speaks fluent English, French, Hebrew and intermediate-level Japanese. He has taught Jewish history and Middle East politics in academic institutions in Israel and abroad, including the Hebrew University Rothberg School for Overseas Students, the Department of International Cooperation of the Israel Foreign Ministry, and Waseda University in Tokyo, and is licensed as a tour guide by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Henri’s wide-ranging experience as a rabbi, guide and educator, and extensive knowledge of Israel – where he has lived for over thirty years – makes him an excellent choice for enlivening and enriching your visit. People of all faiths will benefit greatly, too, from his many years of involvement in inter-faith relations and as a very popular speaker to Christians – lay people and clerics – of all denominations. He has also been instrumental in organizing and leading encounters between Israeli and Palestinian students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Bethlehem, and with Muslim clerics. His academic background as a student of Islamic and Middle East studies will lend scope and depth to your on-site introduction to the intricacies of the Israeli political and religious mosaic.

Price ranges between $150 and $300 daily according to length of tour, irrespective of number of participants, not including site admission fees.